Naruto Online English MMORPG 2.0 – Examiner Cat Quiz Event Guide

A new function which is called “Cat Quiz Event” has been added to Naruto Online after May 11th maintenance. This event gives rewards like points, coins, and coupons to the participant of the event. This post will guide you on how to participate in this particular event.

Cat Quiz Requirement:
  • The event is available every Thursday.
  • The player must be level 30 in order to play in the event.
  • Additionally, the player must register during 8:10 – 8:20 (Server Time) or else the player can’t participate in the event.
  • Find the “Examiner Cat” in North Konoha. Aoneko is the name of the cat by the way.

  • Register during 8:10 – 8:20 (Server Time)

  • Choose one ninja support, these ninjas are random so pick what you want. They will answer with you randomly during the event. They have points in them individually.
  • If the support you choose wins, you’ll get 10,000 coins and 50 coupons as a reward. After that, the registration will be successful.

  • The event consists of 20 questions and the player must answer each question within 15 seconds.
  • Each correct answer the player will receive 10 points and 0 for incorrect answers.
  • Rankings will be on the top-right of the screen for those players who have higher points during the event.

  • Rewards will be given after the event via in-game mail account. Extract the attachment to get the rewards.

Here’s a video gameplay of “Examiner Cat Quiz Event”

Hopefully, this helps other players who want to join this event. Thank you and God Bless 😀

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