How to Watch 60 FPS Anime & Movies using SmoothVideo Project (SVP)

So you enjoy watching anime and movies and want to appreciate it more by watching it on 60 FPS? Then this application is for you. SmoothVideo Project aka SVP allows you to watch 24 fps videos in 60 fps. This post will teach you how to set-up SVP with a video player Daum Potplayer to play smooth videos.

  • Can watch any video on your computer in 60 FPS.
  • Increased frame rate can produce fluid and very smooth videos.
  • Have support for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • It’s free but you can purchase it if you want other features. Here’s the comparison of every SVP 4 Editions:

Disadvantages of using SVP for 60 FPS Videos:
  • Needs decent PC specification to run. Although 4 cores CPU like Intel i5 is enough to run this depending on the video resolution.
  • Mac users need to purchase to be able to use this software.
Installing SVP 4 Free:

  • Click svp4-freeonline.exe to start the installation process and click “Next”.
  • Next is the installation folder. I’m recommending just install it on default directory then click “Next”.

  • This window is for the 32-bit and 64-bit type of players. For the purpose of this tutorial we just choose “DirectShow based (32-bit)” which is the default option and click “Next”.

  • Next is the optional components windows. You can uncheck “MPC-HC video player” as we will be using Daum Potplayer for this tutorial, click “Next”.

  • Accept the Licence Agreement and click “Next”.

  • Click “Next” again here and click “Install”.

  • It will download files and after that, the installation will proceed.

  • Click “Finish” with “Run SVP 4 Free” checked.

Setting up SVP 4 Free:

When starting SVP 4 for the first time it will assess the system you are using. As a result, it will automatically detect the correct video profile settings depending on the PC specification of the user.

  • Click “Start” to Assess system performance. Please make sure close other applications that eat CPU usage for optimal result.

  • It will test the following that is related to your PC specification like CPU-based frame rendering.

  • If you have compatible GPU, it will automatically be detected by SVP 4 like this:

  • If you want to use GPU acceleration, go to your taskbar>right click SVP 4>Application settings>Gpu acceleration>then choose your graphics card (GPU).

We’ve just finished setting up SVP 4 and we’ll proceed to setup Daum Potplayer.

Installing Daum PotPlayer:
  • Download Daum PotPlayer. Choose the 32-bit version of the application.

  • Click “PotPlayerSetup.exe” select a language and click “Ok”.

  • Click “Next” and “Agree to Licence Agreement”.

  • Next is the Choose Components, the recommended components are already checked then proceed by clicking “Next”

  • You can choose where to install Daum Potplayer. I’m recommending install it on default destination folder. After that, click “Install” and wait for it to finish.

  • Unchecked “Install additional codec” and proceed to “Run Potplayer” by clicking “Close”.

Setting up Daum Potplayer:

We are now going to set-up Daum Potplayer to use SVP 4 to play 60 FPS videos.

  • Right click on Daum Potplayer windows and select “Filters” and click “Manage Filters”.

  • Click “Filter Priority” to access Custom Filter Manager.

  • On Custom Filter Manager, click “Add registered filter”.

  • Search and select “ffdshow raw video filter” then click “Ok”

  • Select “ffdshow raw video filter” in Custom Filter Manager then select “Priority” to Prefer and click “Ok”.

Now test your videos if it will now play 60 FPS. Here’s how to know if the video is playing 60 FPS.

  • Play video using Daum Potplayer and you’ll see this on lower left side of the video meaning it is working:

  • You can also press “TAB” on the keyboard while Daum Potplayer is playing a video to see the FPS like this:

You’ll see the original frame rate of the video is 23.81 FPS which is now 60 FPS based on the info on Daum Potplayer.

Hope you’ll enjoy your Anime and Movies by using SVP. 60 FPS is so good and I’m always using it while watching. Hope this tutorial helps. Thank you and God bless 🙂

PS: I supported this application during fund raising via Indiegogo because I really like this application and they gave perks like forever free and credits to the application. Glad I supported it 😀

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