Naruto Online MMORPG German Version Gets 3.0 Version

The German version of Naruto Online MMORPG will be releasing their Version 3.0 on their server this coming Thursday after maintenance. This can give us an idea of what will be coming to North America.

Here is the overview of the coming Version 3.0 update (using Chrome Translator):

In order to be able to offer you even more fun with Naruto Online, Version 3.0 adds many new features and improves various details in the game. Get ready to explore the new ninja world!

The content of the update:

1. The maximum figure level is raised to level 95.

2. The Ninja Examination is expanded to level 180, and when you exist you can get Jigokudo Scrolls.

3. In the arena, new test ninjas are added and updated every week.

4. At the barter, Sakura [Great Ninja War] and Shikaku Nara are added again.

5. In the court, ninjas appear, with whom you can talk and whose assignments you can perform. You can chat with them, make gifts to them, increase the bond value, and accept orders.

Ninja Bonds Version 3.0

6. When a certain amount of damage is inflicted during the attack of the Nine-Tail, Obito appears in battle. If you can defeat him, you will receive the help of the Ho-Kage and you can get treasure cards and other rewards.

7. The combat forces are being updated: Newly there is a 20,000, 30,000, 50,000 and 70,000 combat forces. After the systemupdate version 3.0, all players can retrieve all previously collected packages again.

Power Gift Pack Version 3.0

8. New privilege for players with Jo-Nin-Medal: Two additional sites are unlocked.

Team Sets Version 3.0


1. The guild missions are removed and merged with the “For Experts” mode.

2. Group missions: New 3 simultaneous schedules can be executed simultaneously. As soon as one of them succeeds, the mission can be started.

3. Transformation Cards: For the same Ninja you can now use several transformation cards. Thus, the transformation time can be prolonged.

4. Space of Abundance: Added a new attack function and removed the cooldown. So you can fight or raid several times in a row.

5. Friends: The Blacklist gets a new administrative function. The already existing blacklist is unfortunately deleted.

6. Magatama / Writers: A function for immediate insertion is added. The system automatically fills all empty slots with the highest possible Magatama or writings.

These are the most important changes that are introduced at the beginning of version 3.0. Many other small details are not listed here, so just let them surprise you! We look forward to your feedback on the changes! At the same time, we want to give you a small taste of the new features, which will be released in the future.

This awaits you in the future in Naruto Online, please have a little patience!

1. New chests and new ninjas: details are still secret ~

2. New combat strength and stepping packages: also no further

information ~ 3. Training of familiar spirits:

Pet System Version 3.0

4. Link Duel: A new group PvP mode, where you can earn points and exchange gifts. Chests can also be collected.

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