Naruto Online English MMORPG 2.0 – Yagura’s Invasion Strong Approaching Released

Don’t underestimate me, I was quite distinguished, and an Adult!

Naruto Online just released a new Instance called “Yagura’s Invasion”. Strong Approaching is an event that consists of different sets of enemy depending on the difficulty and higher the difficulty, the better the rewards.

  • Players must be level 43 in order to participate.
Yagura’s Invasion Easy Difficulty:
  • Contains 3 Enemy waves and will use 10 Stamina.
  • Rewards are Common, Medium and Advance Clothes. Have Common Threads as well.

Enemy Wave 1

  • Hidden Mist Illusion Forces – these enemies uses “Immobile Jutsu” that causes “Control” status on your character. Controlled characters cannot attack and use mystery.

 Enemy Wave 2

  • Crimson Fist (Earth Main) – uses Taunt, Earth Style – Boulder Jutsu and Stone Fist Jutsu.
  • Midnight Blade (Lightning Main) – uses Root of Warrior and Lightning Armor.
  • Scarlet Blaze (Fire Main) – uses Death Mirage – Super and Fire Style – Phoenix Fire Jutsu.
  • Azure Fang (Water Main) – uses Regenerative Healing Jutsu.
  • Breeze Dancer (Wind Main) – uses Flower Guard and Dance of Impetus.

Enemy Wave 3 – Boss Fight

  • Yagura – uses Water Style: Aqua Mirror Jutsu- Super. This Jutsu copies your current character and even their talents so it’s pretty annoying.

Yagura’s Invasion Normal Difficulty:
  • Contains 4 Enemy waves and will use 20 stamina.
  • Rewards in clothes are the same as Easy but it gives Medium Threads.
  • Enemy wave 1 and 2 are the same from Easy Difficulty.

Enemy Wave 3

Added with Yagura:

  • Chojuro – uses Hiramekarei Liberation – Super.
  • Ao – uses Defender of the Mist and Water Style – Multi Water Clone and Azure Dragon Palm.
  • Mei – uses Vapor Style Barrier – Solid Fog Jutsu and Acid Explosion – Super.

Enemy Wave 4

Added with Yagura:

  • Yugito – uses Tailed Beast Chakra -Self Healing and Cat-Fire’s Bell Super.

Yagura’s Invasion Difficult Difficulty:
  • Contains 4 Enemy waves as well but will use 30 Stamina.
  • Same rewards as Normal Difficulty.
  • Enemy waves 1, 2 and 3 are the same from Normal Difficulty.

Enemy Wave 4

Added with Yagura:

  • Roshi – uses Tailed Beast Chakra – Wars and Burning Ocean – Super.

  • Make sure to bait the Earth Main to use his Stone Fist Jutsu then use your AOE Jutsu.
  • Kill Yagura fast because his jutsu is annoying. Example when he copied my Mei those 2 fake Mei used Solid Fog Jutsu barrier individually.
  • Use AOE mystery ninjas like Tenten and Mei if you have those for easier enemy waves.

Yagura’s Invasion Strong Approaching Video Gameplay

Hope this article helps especially the video. Thank you and God bless. 😀

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