Naruto Online English MMORPG 2.0 – Space-Time Battle Season 1

Season 1 of Space-Time Battle has just ended. This feature has been on Naruto Online since April 13th. Space-Time battle allows players to fight with other players that are on another server. On my server which is S2 we are allowed to fight up to S12 players. This is the requirements to participate in Space-Time battle.

Requirement and Details:
  • In order to participate the player must be Level 70
  • The Space-Time Battle consist of 2 parts:

Combat – This competition last for 2 weeks, players can choose 4 units to fight other players. If won, players could get rewards like coupons and coins. Here’s a screenshot:

The goal in this competition is to rank within Top 128. Once on Top 128, players are now qualified to participate in Strongest Ninja Competition.

Strongest Ninja – This competition also lasts 2 weeks. Here, players fight for the titles like Space-Time Expert and Space-Time Master. Space- Time Expert for 3rd and 2nd place and Space-Time Master for the 1st place.

Strongest Ninja Space-Time Battle Video Fights:

Space-Time Battle Strongest Ninja Group C Last 16 Gameplay 

wajinshu vs Rukia

Space-Time Battle Strongest Ninja Group C Quarter Finals Gameplay

wajinshu vs Doubt

Space-Time Battle Strongest Ninja Group Finals Gameplay

5th vs GimmeCoffee

Space-Time Master Quarter Finals Gameplay

Beji vs Maroner

Space-Time Battle Master Finals Gameplay

Anjula vs MysticBlade

Congratulations to the winners of the Space-Time Season 1 Battle.

The outfits are awesome. Beji is my groupmate from Uchiha in S2 server. If you want guys to play click Naruto Online. See you there. Thank you and God bless 😀

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