How to Enable and Use Night Light using Windows 10

Windows 10 Creator Update allow users to enable Night Light Mode which helps the eyes to lessen fatigue and can help better sleeping at night. Computers at night have a bright blue light that can cause teary eyes and eye strain. When activated it gives a warm color to the monitor that help the user eyes to adapt to the current time of the day. Here’s a tutorial on how to enable this feature in Windows 10 Creator Update.

Activating Night Light using Windows 10

  • Right-click on Desktop to open this Menu and select “Display Settings”:

Night Light

  • Turn on the switch below the Night Light as shown on the picture:Night Light
  • Click the “Night light settings”
  • Adjust the Color temperature slider on your liking:

Night Light

Use “Sunset to sunrise” for automatic time activation but you can manually set it using “Set hours” to your liking. Like on the picture example it will turn on 6:00 PM and will turn off 7:00 am.

If you don’t have windows 10 and try to use f.lux which works on Mac, Linux, Iphone/Ipad and Android. Already used f.lux before and my experience is the same with Night Light. I don’t experience teary eyes anymore when waking up early (4:30 am) and I can sleep better so I definitely recommend this.

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