Naruto Online English MMORPG 2.0 – Ultimate Training Guide

Naruto Online just introduced a new feature called “Ultimate Training”. This will give the players chance to try different types of training with different Kage’s like Speed Training, Survival Training and Force Attack Training. Each training has several types of enemies that the player can encounter like the Edo Tensei & Jinchuriki Ninjas that haven’t been released yet. This also will give you red coins to unlocked the “Challenge the Limit” to get Tendo Fragments and much more.

Ultimate Training – Speed Training

Ultimate Training

In this training Initiative stats is the key that’s why it’s called speed training. The higher the initiative the higher the success of winning. There’s a power requirement too or else enemies on this training will overpower the player. I will recommend taking this last because this is time-consuming. Here’s a video from wajinshu of Speed Training Gameplay.

Ultimate Training – Survival Training

Ultimate Training

Survival training is all about surviving all 4 rounds of enemy attack. If the player survives all the attacks then the player win that fight. However, if the player power is high that player can defeat them without the requirement of surviving those 4 rounds. Here’s a video example from wajinshu’s Survival Training Gameplay.

Ultimate Training – Force Attack Training

Ultimate Training

As the name suggest Ultimate Force Attack means the player must defeat all enemies within 5 Rounds to be able to defeat the enemies. Here’s a video example from wajinshu’s Force Attack Training Gameplay.

The training challenges will give player different items like red coins for the challenge the limit for collecting Tendo fragments, normal coins, charms and rainbow magatamas. These items will increase the player’s character power.

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