Naruto Online MMORPG Version 3.0 Sneak Preview

Oasis Games just announced its coming Version 3.0 update for Naruto Online MMORPG for North America.

Here are the several updates and improvements to Version 3.0 of Naruto Online MMORPG.

  • Group Summons:

Group Summons Instances are now divided into 3 stages:

1st Stage

  1. During this stage, a few creatures will appear to attack you.
  2. Defeat all creatures to advance to the 2nd Stage. If players are unable to defeat all creatures from the 1st Stage, players will automatically enter the 2nd Stage 10 minutes after the 1st Stage of the instance started.
  3. Defeat creatures to get special items. These items can be used to enhance your units during the Summon Capture instance. These items will automatically lose their effect after the Summon Capture instance ends.
  4. Dropped Items can be divided into 3 types:
    Self-Enhancement Items;
    Summon Weakening Items;
    Barrier Releasing Items.
  5. In the 1st Stage, a countdown will inform players on how many minutes are left until the Summon appears. 3 Icons concerning the Buffs that can be used during Summon Capture will also be displayed in the middle of the screen.

Buffs Rules:

  1. When a player clicks on one of the Buff Icons, the corresponding items will be used in order to activate a layer of that Buff.
  2. If the player does not have the corresponding item, the player will automatically be informed that he/she does not have the necessary items.
  3. If the player as stacked up all layers of a given Buff to its maximum, the player will automatically be informed that he/she already stacked up to the maximum number of layers possible for that Buff.

2nd Stage

  1. After entering the 2nd Stage, the Summon will appear in a given location of the Summon Capture instance.
  2. Summons can be simultaneously attacked by different players.
  3. After the Summon’s Life points reach a certain value, the 3rd Stage will start.

3rd Stage

  1. After entering the 3rd Stage, different creatures of high difficulty will appear, furthermore, these creatures will attack players who are roaming around the area.
  2. Defeat the Summon to end the last stage of the Summon Capture instance.

Battlefield Commander

  1. Once the Summon Capture instance starts, the Battlefield Commander will be waiting at the revival point.
  2. The Battlefield Commander will inform you of how many items you have gathered and their effects.
  3. Buffs that the Battlefield Commander can issue:
    Recover 100 Chakra points at the beginning of each round (using the “Chakra Factor” Buff);
    Immune to Debuffs and Bad Status (using the “Debuff Immunity” Buff);
    Increases Water Resistance (using the “Water Resistant” Buff).
  • Space-Time Battle
  1. Battle Records function added. You will now be able to watch all previous battles from all players in Space-Time!
    This function will be viewable by clicking a button which will be put on the inside of the “History” button of the Strongest Ninja in Space-Time.

2. Players will be able to adjust their Lineups in the Combat interface of Space-Time.

  • Strong Approaching
  1. Strong Approaching and Group Instances functions were merged.
    The original Group Instances will be removed, all related rewards will all be transferred to Strong Approaching.

2. After the new adjustments, Strong Approaching will only consume 10 Stamina points to challenge any of its difficulties.

3. Create the best Lineup and participate in Strong Approaching in a Team of up to 3 players! You can now obtain Group Contributions and Group Victories from clearing instances from Strong Approaching.
The more members your Team consists of, the more the rewards you will get for clearing a Strong Approaching instance!
You can get extra attempts by creating Teams of up to 3 players who belong to the same Group as the one you are in. Participate in a Team with members of your Group to get extra Group Contributions, Group Victories and even Summon Chakra Packs!

  • Nine Tails Invasion
  1. The Nine Tails Invasion timed event will be updated and improved. Later on, after players cause a given damage to the Nine-Tails, Masked Man (Obito) will appear. Watch out for he wants to completely annihilate Konoha to get his revenge. Masked Man will only appear once each time players participate in a Nine Tails Invasion timed event.

2. Defeat the Masked Man (Obito) to get a layer of the “Hokage Support” Buff, Treasure Maps, and 50.000 Coins. The “Hokage Support” can be used against the Nine-Tails.

  • Ninja Bonding
  1. Meet a total of 12 new ninjas at your Home! Players can now invite Konan, Sasori, Asuma, Ino, Killer Bee, Hanzo Salamander, Pain-Ningendo, Guy, Neji, Kiba, Shino, and Kurenai! Amazing, right?! A new button to “Chat w/ Everyone” will also be added to Ninja Bonding. Even more, ninjas will be added later on!
  2. Ninjas whom you have not chatted with during a given day will have a “!” displayed on the top of their heads so that it becomes easier for players to identify these ninjas!
  3. If you are far away from the ninja with whom you wish to chat, you can now directly teleport to that ninja’s location.

  • Level Cap

The level cap will be increased! Players can now reach Lv. 95 with all their units.

  • Summons Interface

The Summons interface got revamped! Have a quick look at what will be available! New artwork for all Summons was also added!

  • Clothing

All Clothing already added to the game will now be displayed as you battle your foes! Have a quick look at their in-battle design!

  • Magatamas and Rune Stones

A new button will be added to “Beset in One-Click” all Magatamas. Players will also find this new button in the Rune Stones interface. Players can now quickly beset their Magatamas and Rune Stones!

  • Power Gift Packs

New Power Gift Packs have been added to the Benefit Hall. Players can now claim new Power Gift Packs when they reach a Power level of 20.000, 30.000, 50.000 and 70.000. Get a Power level of 70.000 to claim the new “Eternal Belief” clothing!

  • Naruto Online Chat

Two new channels were added to the Chat system: “System” and “Team”. Some of the previous channels also suffered some changes and were merged into a new channel: “Camp”.

  • Eight Inner Gates

Red Chakra will be added to the “Exchange Chakra” system in the Eight Inner Gates!

  • Cat Quiz

Registration time has been adjusted to Friday at 20:10. The starting time has been adjusted to Friday at 20:20.

  • Rich Field

The “Sweep” function has been added to the Rich Field interface. You can now easily get your Coins and EXP for your units! Rich Field has never been better!

Rich Field’s Cooldown Time has been removed, players can now continuously challenge or sweep through Rich Field. Fukurokumaru awaits you!

  • Treasure Maps (Wanted Missions)

Players can now “Auto Explore” in the Treasury interface. A log concerning all treasures found be players will be added to the Treasury interface.

  • Rescue the Jinchuriki

A new “Retreat” button will be added, however, only Captains of a Team can choose this option.

  • Reconnect Function

Players battling their way through Fighting Matsuri Challenge who suffer from disconnection problems can now simply refresh Naruto Online an automatically re-enter the fight they were taking part in.

  • Great Ninja War

Restrictions to participate in the Great Ninja War have been adjusted. Now, players who leave their Group will only be able to take part in Great Ninja War 7 days after leaving their previous Group.

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