Naruto Online May 25th 2017 New Events

Naruto Online just release an update on May 25, 2017, events.

The following Weekly Strong Ninjas are:

Itachi Uchiha (Susano’o)

Sasuke (Susano’o)

Fifth Hokage Tsunade

Raikage Ay

Sage World Battlefields:

Sage World Battlefields are now matched through the Cross-Server system. Basically, you’ll find opponent based on your power level.

Event Period: Starts after May 25, 2017, maintenance.

Requirements: The player must reach level 30 to participate.

In order to participate in the Cross-Server system, players must be playing the game for more than 60 days.

When players are divided into the three different battlefields, they will be divided using the Cross-Server system and in accordance to players’ Level and Power!

Cross-Server Distribution Method:

  1. The players will be divided by their level.
  2. Then the system will divide those players by Power.
  3. High level and high powered players will be put into one Sage World Battlefields. They will put into another event of Sage World Battlefields.

Here’s an example given by Oasis games:

For instance:
Players are first ordered by level. Players with the same level will be ordered by Power. Then, in accordance to the Rank calculated by the system it goes in accordance to the following.
Rank 1 goes to Field/Camp 1, Rank 2 goes to Field/Camp 2, Rank 3 goes to Field/Camp 3, Rank 4 goes to Field/Camp 3, Rank 5 goes to Field/Camp 2, Rank 6 goes to Field/Camp 1, Rank 7 goes to Field/Camp 1, and so on; we hope this method will provide balance distribution to this timed event.


Rewards system will be the same as before with the exception that the ranking for each Sage World Battlefields will be calculated in a Cross-Server system with the selected Cross-Server players during the event.

Sakura’s Gift:

Help Sakura to solve her troubles to increase your likeness to exchange for the items that you want.

Event Period: May 25 to May 31, 2017

Requirements: The players must reach level 40 to participate.


  • NPC Sakura can be found in West Konoha or click “Sakura” in event interface to find her.

  • Players need to complete the task that Sakura will provide (one per day) then the player need to head back to Sakura to obtain their rewards which are called Sakura’s Food sack.
  • Sakura’s Food sack may include these random items: Onigiri; Rice Onigiri, Salmon Onigiri or Panda Onigiri as gifts. Sakura’s Food sack is available also in Purchase Limit Shop.
  • Onigiri gifts can be used to obtain Likeness: (Rice Onigiri:1; Salmon Onigiri:3; Panda Onigiri: 5). Players can use Likeness to exchange items/ninjas in the event.

  • Event resets at 5 am (server time), players must complete the old task to receive a new task from Sakura.
  • When a player reaches 1000 Likeness, that player will be showed in the Rank. Top 20 players will get extra rewards and will be sent via game mail after the event ends.

June’s Daily Sign in Ninja: Kiba (Great Ninja War)

That’s all I want to cover in this weekly event. Hope it helps other players of Naruto Online. Enjoy the game. Thank you and God Bless 😀

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