Naruto Online English MMORPG 2.0 – Space-Time Battle Season 2

Season 2 of Space-Time Battle has ended. I’ve recorded some fights during Group Finals up to Space-Time Battle Master Finals. It seems the Water Main Immortal teams (Sakura and Hokage Tsunade) are the current meta in Space-Time Battle. Hoping that will change in the future updates for more exciting fights in the game.

If you want information and details about Space-Time Battle, click here.

Here’s the video gameplay of Space-Time Battle Season 2:

nastyone (85634 Power) vs WataruTamura (90003 Power)

MysticBlade (109716 Power) vs HanabiShouji (66973 Power)

HaruKa (75831 Power) vs EmphChan (75411 Power)

Shadowblaze (88842 Power) vs nastyone (85853 Power)

Genova (79706 Power) vs Dien (79087 Power)

Beji (80217 Power) vs GimmeCoffee (71987 Power)

MysticBlade (110408 Power) vs Shadowblaze (87649 Power)

MysticBlade (110590 Power) vs Genova (80407 Power)

Congratulations to the winners:

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