Naruto Online 4.0 Coming Soon To North America with Cross-Server Great Ninja War

It seems Naruto Online 4.0 will be coming soon to North America. No release date yet but there are new updates which include the following:

Mt. Myoboku Cultivation

  • This is a game mode similar to Summons’ Cultivation with two different Cultivation systems: “Balance Cultivation” and “Oil Control”. In “Balance Cultivation”, click the desired slot to Cultivate a given attribute – different Cultivation slots will cultivate different attributes. Players are given a choice on which attribute to prioritize when a Cultivation path leads to two different attributes.
  • The first time a player enters Mount Myoboku, Gamatatsu will show up to offer all players a “Mount Myoboku’s Gift” as a welcoming gift.
  • This game mode only requires “Mount Myoboku’s Gifts” to be used in order to cultivate oneself. Initially, only 1 Mount Myoboku’s Gift will be used for each Cultivation; however, as a player progresses through his Cultivations, more Mount Myoboku’s Gifts will be required in order to continue progressing. After all, our toad friends also need more materials for higher level Cultivations! After completing a given number of Cultivation Maps in Balance Cultivation, mysterious toads will come to challenge and test how successful your Cultivation has become!
  • Complete Cultivation Map 8 to activate “Oil Control”, a new cultivation game mode similar to “Balance Cultivation” but which uses “Mount Myoboku’s Grasp” instead of “Mount Myoboku’s Gift”. There are currently a total of 20 Cultivation Maps for “Balance Cultivation” and 20 Cultivation Maps for “Oil Control”.

Cross-Server Great Ninja War

1. Groups need to enter Great Ninja War Finals in order to enter Cross-Server Great Ninja War;
2. Each Group will receive their place in the Ranking in accordance to their Server Cluster and will firstly be distributed in accordance to Champions, Runner-Ups, 3rd Places and other Groups;
3. The TOP 16 in the 【Cross-Server Great Ninja War Advancing Ranking】 will advance to the Cross-Server Great Ninja War;
4. Groups who did not enter the Cross-Server Great Ninja War will continue the Great Ninja War in their own servers.

1. Cross-Server Great Ninja War has its results based on a Point System in a total of 4 rounds of battles;
2. For each battle won, a Group will get 15 Points; for each battle lost, a Group will get 5 Points. Groups with the same amount of Points will be randomly put in fights against each other;
3. After each round of the competition, the total Points acquired will be calculated based on the winning situation of each Group and Battle Points, which will then by organized in a Ranking;
4. If the total number of Points and Battle Points are the same, the Total Power of the Group will be prioritized for the Group to enter the Ranking.

1. Players can enter the battlefield for their matches 10 minutes before it starts. During this period, Groups can create 6 Formations for each battlefield and arrange them as they see fit;
2. Until the match is over, players cannot enter the battlefield again (unless the player is disconnected and did not manually “Retreat”);
3. Only members of the same field can take part in the matches. During a match, players can manually choose the skills they wish to use. A maximum of 3VS3 Teams can be entered in a battlefield, other players who are not taking part in any other battle can also watch the matches;
4. Life points lost during matches will not be restored for the next match.

1. The victory will go to the party who manages to defeat all members in the other field. If the other party has no members fighting in its field, victory is given to the other party by default. Points are given in accordance to the results of each field;
2. If the time given for a match is over and the two parties in a field have yet to decide who the winner is, both parties will not get any points;
3. After the competition is over, the winner is the Group with more cumulative points from previous matches. If this condition is not enough to decide the winner, the following applies in order of priority: if both parties get the same number of points, the winner is the party who won the most battlefields; if the number of won battlefields is also the same, the winner is decided by the Group which who won against the other in their match;
4. Winners will have 30 Points added up to their score.

1. Cheering Rewards consist of Group Victories and Group Contributions, the standard is: Cheering players can get 50% of the Group Victories and Group Contributions that their Group’s participants obtained;
2. If a Group has been matched to an opponent, the members not participating in the match can also Cheer during the period between the match stars until it ends; if there are no opponents, members of the Group can Cheer during the period this match was to start until the period all other matches are over.
3. Simultaneously, players can watch other player’s matches.

1. Groups who enter Cross-Server Great Ninja War are eligible to get Group Victories Packs, however, the quality and quantity of packs received will depend on the final results of each Group.
2. The Leader of the Group who won Cross-Server Great Ninja War will get an exclusive Title which will expire in 14 days starting from the day it was given to the player. This Title and the Titles from Great Ninja War can both be obtained at the same time.
3. From the moment the battlefield starts, players have 10 minutes to ready their Formations and enter the battlefield

Group Duties
Create a Group to get 6 base Group Office Points.
Improve the Group Rank to 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 to get 1 Group Office Point for each new Rank.
-Permissions for “Seniors”: distribute packs of Great Ninja War, Cross-Server Great Ninja War, and Shinobi Conquest. Use 3 Group Office Points to set a “Senior”. (max. of 3 Seniors)
-Permissions for “Battle Commander”: set the formations for Great Ninja War and Cross-Server Great Ninja War. Set the flags and Missions Scrolls for Shinobi Conquest. Use 1 Group Office Point to set a “Battle Commander”.
-Permissions for “Quartermaster”: distribute packs of Great Ninja War, Cross-Server Great Ninja War, and Shinobi Conquest. Use 1 Group Office Point to set a “Quartermaster”.
-Permissions for “Skill Expert”: add points to Study Skills and adjust new Research. Use 1 Group Office Point to set a “Skill Expert”.
-Permissions for “Summons Master”: set schedule to Summon Capture and control the Cultivation of Group’s Summons. Use 1 Group Office Point to set a “Skill Expert”.
-Permissions for “Anbu”: has to Recruit permissions within the Group. Does not use any Group Office Point to set an “Anbu”.
-Permissions for “Elite”: a title given to special members but does not have any special permissions.
Survival Trial
1. Clear Survival Trial once a day and reset your daily progress every day after 5:00AM. Resetting your progress will reset all rewards and current progress.
2. Every time you start your progress anew, select up to 12 units – including your Main Character – which will constitute your Lineup (Only Units Lv. 28 or above can participate). More than 4 units must be selected in order to enter Survival Trial. During Survival Trial, different chances to change your Lineup in use will be given, but units that you have selected to take for the current Survival Trial cannot be changed until the current progress is reset.
3. Different areas of the map offer different amounts of Points in accordance to their difficulty (SS, S, A and B difficulties). Clear an area to get the indicated amount of Points. Get a total amount of Trial Points above the necessary amount to get even better rewards!
4. There are 3 difficulties in Survival Trial: Normal, Hard and Ultimate. Pick the difficulty that you find more suitable. If you think the difficulty you picked is too basic – or too extreme –, as long as you didn’t claim any rewards, you can change it back again to the previous difficulty for the same given day.
5. “Ultimate” difficulty is usually open on Saturdays from 5:00AM to 00:00AM. You can also use a “Limit Scroll” to open this difficulty at any day of the week. “Limit Scroll” can be obtained as a drop from a trial in Survival Trial.
6. The required amount of Trial Points will increase as your Level increases. Obtainable Trial Points from different regions will also increase as your Level increases.
7. Different Ninja Medals and different Player Levels will also offer different amounts of basic Trial Points (click on the icon “Medals” to check more information). Obtain 10 Trial Points by using a “Growth Scroll”, find this item as a drop from the trials in Survival Trial (“Growth Scroll” cannot be used in “Ultimate” difficulty).
8. If you believe the opponent to be too strong for you to face it, use a “Refresh Scroll” to refresh the opponent you are about to face and you might just have a chance at getting an easier Lineup face-on! “Refresh Scroll” can be obtained as a drop from the trials in Survival Trial.
9. After a trial, all the units in your selected Lineup will recover 10% of their Life points, use this rule to best fit your characters and how you use them in the battlefield.
Convoy & Plunder
1. Limits of not being able to enter Convoy and Plunder in the same day are now removed;
2. Every day, players get a free SS Mission Convoy. A second attempt can also be executed by using an Escort License or by giving 10 Ingots to the Escort Commissioner;
3. 35 Coupons can be obtained for a successful SS Mission Convoy, however, if a Convoy is Plundered, only 25 Coupons can be obtained after completing the Convoy;
4. The amount of Coins offered to S and A Mission Convoys were increased; furthermore, players have a chance to obtain Escort License while doing S and A Mission Convoys;
5. The TOP 100 players in Merged Server’s Ranking for Ranked Battle will obtain 1 free attempt to Plunder SS Mission Convoys. A second attempt at Plunder can also be executed by using a Plunder Record Book or by giving 15 Ingots to the Plunder Commissioner;
6. 35 Coupons can be obtained by successfully Plundering a SS Mission Convoy, however, if the Plunder is not successful and Ingots were given to the Plunder Commissioner, a Plunder Record Book will be returned to the player; in the case of a player using a Plunder Record Book and the Plunder was not successful, the player will not get any rewards;
7. Players have a chance of obtaining Plunder Record Book while Plundering S and A Mission Convoys;
8. During a Convoy Mission, players can now only be Plundered 2 times;
9. Convoy Missions can now be refreshed up to 4 free times;
10. The automatic refresh time between Convoy has been reduced to 20 minutes.
New Map Areas
 Island Turtle
Click here for Naruto Online 4.0 website.

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