How to Create Bootable Rescue Media and Restore Windows using Macrium Reflect Free

Macrium Reflect Free is a software that can backup and restore the operating system. For one thing creating a bootable rescue media is one of a way to restore a backup image. Bootable rescue media have its own advantage such as restoring a backup image even the computer is not booting up. This tutorial will help on how to create rescue media in Macrium Reflect and furthermore on how to use it.

Creating Bootable Rescue Media:

Requirements (any of two):

  1. USB Flash Drive (Recommended)
  2. DVD Disc
  • Open Macrium Reflect
  • Click “Create bootable Rescue Media”

Rescue Media

  • Click “Next” button

Rescue Media

  • Drivers can be added here but most of the time just click the “Next” button to proceed.

Rescue Media

  • This windows sometimes updates “Windows PE” if needed. Just press the “Continue” button to update the files.

Rescue Media

  • Insert the USB Flash Drive or DVD Disc. In this tutorial, we are going to use USB Flash Drive method. Next, click the “Finish” button to continue.

Rescue Media

  • Macrium reflect will copy the files on the flash drive and that’s it we created a Bootable USB Rescue Media.

Rescue Media

Booting up USB Rescue Media:

  • Restart the computer and press “delete” repeatedly button on the keyboard to access the BIOS.
  • Choose the USB Flash Drive as the booting device to boot up the rescue media.
  • The menu is like this and choose a backup that you want to restore. Click here on how to create a backup using Macrium Reflect.

Rescue Media

Fixing corrupted windows operating system is troublesome so it’s important to have always backups and a bootable recovery media in case the computer not booting up. Hope it can help others on how to restore and backup their data. Thank you and God bless 😀

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