Backup Windows Operating System using Macrium Reflect Free

Ever had PC problems due to Operating System data corruption, malware, viruses and installed unwanted applications? Some people encountered this type of problem due to not backing up their Windows Operating System. Macrium Reflect Free is a software that can backup and restore an OS to their original state. Here’s a tutorial on how to backup an OS using Macrium Reflect Free Version.


Open Macrium Reflect Home Edition and choose “Backup Windows” option.

Macrium Reflect Free

The Disk Image Menu will pop up which contains Source Drive and Image Destination.

Macrium Reflect Free

Source Drive: This is the Operating System Files or the drives you want to backup. This will be automatically checked for Operating system backup.

Image Destination: This is where the image also known as the backup will be saved. Prepare a separate hard disk drive on your computer to save the image backup.

Click the Destination Folder and choose where to save the image backup. Make sure the hard drive have a free amount of space to accommodate the backup. Make sure click the “next” button below.

Macrium Reflect Free

Unchecked Full, Differential, Incremental and Purge the oldest backup sets then press “next button” below.

Macrium Reflect Free

This menu will pop up saying what’s the summary of your backup image. So check it first and if all are correct press “finish” button.

Macrium Reflect Free

On this menu, I’m recommending to save the .XML to the same folder where is the backup is. So that all the same files will be in the same place. Just click the 3 dots to change the directory for this file then hit “ok” button.

Macrium Reflect Free

The backup will start now and depending on your computer specification it may take less or more. Make sure you don’t do anything on your PC while doing a backup because it can fail if interrupted.

macrium reflect

Using backup software can save PC files especially when the files are so important example for a user like me. I always do a backup and just restore when I think my PC becomes slow. Next tutorial is how to make a “Bootable Rescue Media” in Macrium Reflect Free. Thank you and God bless 🙂

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